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Monday, October 31, 2011


I could not wait to post this till tonight, so I am doing it now since I am Little Miss Impatient. I wanted to write about Advocare. I am doing the 24 Day Challenge and have mentioned it in my past blogs. I want to let you know how it works and how it can change your life. It is worth every penny and works!

First off, this is NOT diet pills or gimmics that are a fad and work for a short while. It is not unhealthy and just makes you lose weight. This is CREATED by doctors. No other weight loss or health program is created by doctors. Drew Brees uses this and the Crossfit community (fittest of the fit) uses it to complete workouts. Now, different products can be bought. However, I did the 24 Day Challenge which is a package. Kali Norton (find her on facebook) is who got me started. I work at a gym which is employed by Oschner Hospital. Therefore everything that is sold, such as supplements, must be approved and healthy. For example, oxyelite and other thermogenics or Hydroxycut will NOT be sold here. I have taken Oxyelite, however, I am sure that something raising my heartrate by just sitting there cannot be healthy. When I ran on it, I really thought I would die.

I know many Crossfitters who all use the Spark packets to fuel their workouts. It does not give you jitters but gives you SO much energy! I have been pulling all nighters (not healthy) however, I'll drink a packet and get through the day including a 9 mile run! This is on over 24 hours of NO sleep. I just finished the 10 day cleanse and am now starting the meal replacement shakes and the appetite control stuff. Let me explain and make this clear: these meal replacements are better than any meal replacement shake I have ever had.

The Meal Replacement Shakes:
At my gym we create our own protein shakes with Myoplex and other packets. Each meal replacement shake has higher carbs and most shakes are 500 calories! Holy shit, what about us girls who do not want to gain weight, but want protein to build lean muscle? Advocare Meal Replacement shakes are only 200 calories! Beat that! These fill you up with out the added carbs and calories. I just had one for breakfast and it filled me up I could barely finish it! These are different. I was so hesitant to do this challenge until I talked to the representatives and they told me the nutritional facts. Who said that you can't have a meal replacement shake without making it half your calories for the day?

Spark Energy Packets and the Cleanse:
These packets are amazing. Gives you energy without the jitters. This also makes you alert where you don't binge I feel. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but I feel like FINALLY my appetite is under control. Plus, Spark does NOT make you crash and burn. That 5 hour Energy shot is crap! The Cleanse is better than any I have tried. Many girls have this thing we can call bloating. This is water weight, inflamed organs, etc. Many cleanses I have tried either require no food and are HELL, or are really harsh on your body. I did the Acai cleanse and felt like my insides were going to fall out. This is a GENTLE cleanse and helps with the bloating and with inflamed organs. I feel great and that all the left over crap I have eaten and have stored in my arteries has been cleaned out. This cleanses your body of the toxins in order for it to better absorb nutrietnts. Think of it as a clean slate for you body to soak up stuff. It is like cleaning a dryer filter, you clean all the lint off the filter so it can gather up all the other lint. Same concept, or a lint roller picking up hair. Cheesy examples, but whatever works.

My savior. This is amazing. Some people call it lipo in a bottle. This sends a band of amino acids to protect your muscles so when you have an intense workout, muscle is not eaten away, but fat is. I was having a problem where my body was in survival mode and eating my muscle but storing my fat. Talk about a back slide! I run 9 miles often, therefore, my body will burn at LEAST 800 calories per run. My body burns through the fuel I have then taps into my muscles to store the fat to keep me moving. So I WAS GETTING FATTER.. UNTIL CATALYST! This has stopped that and with the SAME workout plan along with catalyst I AM FINALLY LOSING THE DAMN WEIGHT AND CUTTING FAT.

Do it and just trust me okay? I lost 5 lbs in 10 days, just from the cleanse which is NOT for weight loss.

Do you want to get out of your plateau and feel great? Do you want to lose weight and be healthy?

JUST DO THIS CRAP AND TRUST ME OKAY? I would spend the same money again. NO REGRETS and cannot talk highly enough about it. Every 3 months you can do this and once my 3 months is up, you can guarantee my butt is doing this 24 day challenge again!

I was hesitant, not I am a 100% converter.


Sara Kay

Psalm 23.

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